Email Beats Social Networks for Online Offer Sharing: a Study

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Email beats social networks Facebook and Twitter combined as the top medium for sharing online coupons and other offers, according to new research from SocialTwist, a company that specializes in giving consumers incentives to share deals online.

SocialTwist has run online couponing programs for such marketers as Kimberly-Clark Corp., Reckitt Benckiser, Kraft, Coca-Cola Co., and ConAgra Foods as well as retailer Dollar General. Its programs use email and social media and typically give consumers a higher incentive when they share an offer with friends rather than just use than it for themselves.

A Twitter search on just about any packaged-goods brand shows much of the chatter to be about promotional offers. But deal-sharing is actually far more prevalent beyond the gaze of social-media search, based on SocialTwist’s experience across more than 40 campaigns for consumer-packaged goods marketers.

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