Google Event Shows How Valuable Veterans Can Be To The Tech World

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For the hundreds of thousands of veterans soon to be hitting the civilian workforce in the coming years, the tech industry may be the place to shine.

In a presentation put on by non-profit “Got Your Six” at Google’s New York headquarters Friday, some of the top minds in tech, non-profits, and politics made the case that hiring veterans — especially in the tech sector — is a huge win for businesses.

“130,000 soldiers will leave the army every year,” said Brig. Gen. David MacEwen, the Army’s chief administrative officer. “They deserve to be brought back into society.”

Google has been leading the way with the creation of VetNet and by bringing on veterans in many aspects of their business. The company’s head of user operations is a former F-14 pilot, a Navy veteran takes care of green energy operations, and it’s a Marine who oversees the release and recovery of the balloons designed to provide Internet worldwide with “Project Loon.”


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