YouTube Music Awards Drew Thousands, Not Millions, of Views

Cirullo Il Fatto Digitale da AdAge

If YouTube isn’t a media company it sure put a show on like one with its inaugural YouTube Music Awards on the Lower East Side of Manhattan Sunday night.

Official viewership numbers weren’t immediately available on Monday morning, but the livestream’s watch page counts 873,288 views. That’s a far cry from the 60 million people said to have voted on the awards or the 10.1 million views on the months-old clip announcing the show.

Ad Age counted only 217,244 concurrent viewers thirty-one minutes into the awards show, which seemed on the high end for the nearly 90-minute show. Minutes later during a promotional spot for show sponsor Kia featuring YouTube star Taryn Southern, the figure dropped to roughly 211,000 viewers and later fluctuated from 170,000 to 190,000.

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