Your Twitter Conversations Fall Into One of These Six Categories Il Fatto Digitale da Mashable

The trolls, the political preachers, the over-sharers: Twitter users encompass all of these stereotypes and then some

How do so many different personalities interact and exist on one network? That’s what the Pew Research Center decided to find out

New research from Pew Research Center looked at the way Twitter users engage in conversations on the service. The study examined Twitter content over several years from users across the U.S., and looked at how that content was dispersed and discussed among certain groups.

Researchers concluded that there are roughly six different types of conversational archetypes that take place on Twitter. In other words, most conversations take the form of one of these six general structures: Polarized Crowd, Tight Crowd, Brand Clusters, Community Clusters, Broadcast Network, Support Network. Read more…

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