Here’s The Best Way To Find A New App In The App Store

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The search function in Apple’s App Store is notoriously bad. When we tried searching for anonymous app Secret, it took 107 tries before we found the actual app. is a new service that may have a solution for this.

It’s a Web page lets you search through App Store and the Mac store simultaneously to find anything you’re looking for, thus making the search results more precise. For example, typing in “Secret” to will show everything from regular apps, videos, books, podcasts, etc., that contain that particular term. You can do this over the Web or with your mobile device.

Here’s how you use it.

Go to and type in an app you want.

Type in something like “Facebook,” and will return a bevy of results. You can choose from e-books, music or other options. Click each link to be directed to the individual App Store.

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